New romance suspense book coming

I’ve been working in new book for a couple months, exploring the suspense subgenre of romance. I’m currently in draft 2 at 30,000 words. I expect to finish it this month, and then send it to copyedit, get a cover and hopefully, have it on sale in about two months.
The story goes likes this. New York City Police Department Chief’s daughter is kidnapped by a drug syndicate under a very suspicious set of circumstances. So now, Bryan (the chief) is forced to turn to an ex-member of this ‘gang’ (who is a gorgeous female), and thus clear her record by way of payment, in order to infiltrate the syndicate and get his daughter back. All this in order to ensure the safe delivery of an incredibly toxic and illegal drug into the city. In the end, he is then forced to choose between his daughter, the ex-member and what is right.
Hope you’re all doing well!


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